Hello. Thank you for considering me for the growing HiBAR team! Please check out the following supplemental work which pertains to your listed business needs. For more expanded projects feel free to check out my main menu here.
Social Media Campaigns​​​​​​​
Example No. 01: Social media content to promote Brookside Market Days. I created the flyer design and pulled graphic elements and typography from it to promote the event on social media. This includes banner, newsfeed and profile images for Facebook and post and profile images for Instagram.
Example No. 02: Social media content to promote the Brookside Sidewalk Sale. I created the flyer design and pulled graphic elements and typography from it to promote the event on social media. This includes banner, newsfeed and profile images for Facebook.
Example No. 03: Social media content to promote 5B & CO. Candlemakers. Each video features one of their popular scents including "Fresh Cut Grass" (left), "Flower Shop" (right) and "Raindrops". The client had a very limited budget so I created stop-motion videos (linked above) with an iPhone/natural light and cut/folded paper.
Example No. 04: Social media content to promote Wholesome Culture. I used the client's existing logo and color palette to maintain the brand's look and feel. Since video content has a higher engagement rate on Instagram I like to add motion to posts whenever possible.
Example No. 05: Social media content for my personal account. From left to right, top to bottom: National Donor Day graphic, National World Kindness Day graphic, ‘Go Vote’ countdown graphic, National Skip the Straw Day graphic, Banana candy lettering, International Women’s Day graphic.​​​​​​​
Web Content Creation
Example No. 01: Assisting with the website design for Aguilar Public Relations. I was responsible for ensuring the brand guidelines I had created were adhered to, in addition to making layout and photography choices.
Example No. 02: Miscellaneous digital design for Cherry Knot. Cherry Knot is a concept for a liquor infused ice cream company. Cooked up for an Adobe Live challenge, this brand is​​​​​​​ "knotty but nice"!
Example No. 03: Website design for Artistic Log Accents. This is a work-in-progress for a craftsman with high-quality work. However, he's never had a website and doesn't use the internet (not even email!). It was important to have a professional, yet simple, website that showcases his work without requiring him to use a computer regularly.
Email Marketing
Example No. 01: Newsletter template for Prep KC. I created this newsletter template to match existing branding and used MailChimp.
Miscellaneous Packaging*
*For more expanded packaging projects feel free to check out my main menu here.
Point of Sale/Signage:
Example No. 01: Tent Cards for Coco Loco to be used in store or at pop-ups. I worked with Coco Loco, a natural skincare brand, on their packaging and continued the working relationship with small, one-off projects like this.
Miscellaneous Print Collateral*
*For more expanded print projects feel free to check out my main menu here.
Photography and Video
Example No. 01: Miscellaneous photography for my dog's social media account. We share his adventures with other mixed-breed dog lovers - check out more here!
Example No. 02: An Instagram video to celebrate his first 100 posts. I created this 55 second video to recap his first 100 posts. I added graphics to pictures and videos that had received more comments, likes or views and even included comments from some of his more active followers. Check out the original Instagram post here!
Example No. 01: GIF creation to commemorate National Tick Tock Day. I created this to share on my dog's Instagram. Check out the original Instagram post here!
'Design for Good' Passion Project:
Example No. 01: 'The Muttropolitan' is a passion project inspired by my adorable mutt, Cordiroy. It is a zine that features 20 of the cutest mixed-breed dogs on Instagram. I hope to finalize the design and officially release it soon - 100% percent of proceeds will be donated.
'Design for Good' Pro Bono Projects:
Example No. 01: A gratitude report I created for a pro bono client. Kids in Tech is an organization providing afterschool programming that empowers kids with the technical skills they need for the career paths of the future. I worked with their organization to create this for their 2019-2020 fiscal year.
Example No. 02: Branding and an impact report I created for a pro bono client. BeyondBackgrounds is a local program that provides support to landlords who rent to people with criminal, credit or rental history barriers in their background. The branding includes a horizontal logo, vertical logo and a secondary logo to be used for things like social media profile images, etc. Next we worked together to create their two-page impact report. The design is custom-built for Beyond Backgrounds complete with a versatile set of custom icons.
Thank you for checking out my work! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.